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Mandi Wood, MSEd LPC, LPC

I have been practicing as a professional counselor for eight years. My goal is to be a resource to individuals who are experiencing a need for extra support and who are committed to working together to realize their personal goals. My areas of professional interest include being a generalist counselor and providing services to under-served populations including LGBTQ people. As a well-rounded generalist, I provide therapeutic services for teens, adults, and the elderly.

I use an eclectic therapeutic style which relies heavily on person centered, cognitive behavior, and feminist interventions and approaches. This allows me to work well with a wide variety of clients because I select approaches that best match the individual’s needs and clinical goals. 

I am licensed by the WI Department of Safety and Professional Services, license number 5715-125.

Outside of my counseling practice, I have grown to value a life that is focused on wellness from many perspectives. In my free time, I can be found at the gym, eating too much peanut butter (as if that limit exists), coddling my two cats, and sewing. 

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Jodi Moen, MSE, LPC

Ready to excavate the deeper parts of your soul and cultivate your favorite version of yourself? I offer holistic and integrative psychotherapy and take a collaborative approach to the therapy process with anyone (12+) ready to partner with me in their desire for discovering their authentic self.

I have special interests in multicultural counseling, neurodivergence, and supporting those with difficulties feeling understood due to intersecting challenges. Client populations include individuals living with ADHD, grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, gender and sexuality concerns, and adjustment issues.

Having worked in college settings for years, I enjoy helping clients with adjusting to their current stage of life. I was drawn to this field after realizing there was an entire discipline dedicated to understanding and alleviating human suffering and am passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. It is my belief counseling should be a safe space where clients can feel comfortable not only sharing and coping with problems, but also celebrating their strengths and successes. 

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Raven Keele, MSW 

I am currently completing my Masters of Social Work through the University of Central Florida. Growing up, my life was touched by many helpers - social workers, counselors, etc. They helped get me to where I am today and I am excited to do that for others.

In my professional practice, I use an eclectic and client-centered approach. I am also passionate about working with sexual assault survivors and the LGBTQ population. 

Outside of work, I love to work out, sleep-in, and walk my dog, Scoobie. I also love to design costume and make-up looks. 

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Kristen Gaffey, MSed LPC

I have been a counselor in the Platteville area since 2019. I support children, adolescents and adults in navigating difficult life circumstances and coping with the every day messes that life tends to throw at us. 

My overall approach is first and foremost person-centered and solution-focused, meaning I want to hear about your current struggles and join you in identifying ways to help you in the present. I also use a fair bit of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as a psychodynamic approach. I recognize that many times our past experiences influence how we interact with the present world. My goal as a therapist is to honor your past experiences as the stepping stones to the wonderful human you are today, while also identifying some learned, maladaptive thoughts and behaviors and shifting those to healthier ones. 

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